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Well of I go again with another site lol I've had to wait a long time as my "friend" took meeshy.co.uk of her server & it took me months to get it back :( But I have it back now finally! Ohhh I missed my domain soooo much (geez how sad am I!) Im hoping this one will be my best yet, I will be readding debbies site on too as that was doing my head in not having that. .
Anyway enough moaning tut Things have changed again for me, this time for the better! I am away from people online who lie, cheat & hurt, and have settled very much in mine & lindas site called Free4UGraphics, can you guess what its about huh huh??? Yes its about cars! joke! lolol
Im still a DJ & I love it still, think I will die with a mic in my hand! And of course a ciggy in my gob ;) I'm still the same gobby beech if hurt, but Ive been told I dont rip half as many heads of as I used to!! :D Whose a good meeshy then!!
Geeez I hate writing about myself tut, oh & I still play bingo on afternoons with mum, havent got banned from any either........yet hehe There is a saying "A true friend loves you, even when they know you" & I know I have the honour of having that friend, linda my old chuck I luvsya!! (I MEANT the old part too :D)
Sooooo what am I going to be putting on here, wellll you will have to keep checking back & see wont you! :P But I will definately be putting things I love on, please take a look at the photo albums of our beautiful planet & creatures! People forget how lucky we are to have mother nature :)
UPDATES! lol Myself & linda have learnt how to make 3D Graphics, how exciting is that!! Im so proud of us both :D Obviously we HAD to make a site lol so I've included it onto the links, I hope you like them!! Oh & we have also found something else Facebook POKER! omg its addictive!! Such great fun, well until asses are in the chat lol If you have facebook & like poker I highly recommend it, anddd you will probably see us there too :D










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